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Community Events


As housing continues to become less affordable it often leave families in less than desirable living situations and even homelessness. For every home I sell I give to help better the lives of these families. I have partnerships with non-profits and local businesses but the need is so great we can always use help.  Please contact me for ways to get involved. Thank you to those who graciously donated to restore and improve the families and children in our community.



We just finished up our annual community yard sales. We did 5 this year. They are a ton of fun and lots of good deals. They are always Saturdays from 7am-12noon through out Murrieta and surrounding cities in the beginning of the year. After the rain but before its gets too hot. Follow me on  Facebook "Melissa Gasco Real Estate" for exact locations and times. 


1 in 6 people in America face hunger, the lack of access, at times, to enough food for all household members.  We are good at remembering them around the holidays but food pantries don't receive a lot of donations during the rest of the year. Every year I host a food drive. Thanksgiving in August has been a success for many years now. Many local businesses have helped by making their business a drop off location to bring your items in to donate. Check out my Facebook "Melissa Gasco Real Estate" for exact locations. The food collected is given back to the community through the Love Active Ministry which also provides clothing as well. Thank you Love Active!


During the Holidays you can join me in "Giving the Gift of Life" through our blood drive. One donation has the ability to save 3 people. And there seems to always be a shortage durning the holidays. If you are interested in donating blood and want more info please reach out (951) 783-3887.

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